Mono Laser Fax Machine

To je res en super faks, pofaksira te takoj.

With a 33,600 bps modem giving you fax transmission times of around 3 seconds, the FAX-8360P combines a range of high quality fax and copy functions with efficient innovations in technology to give you a superior communications solution for your corporate office.

Key Features

  • Visoka kakovost na dosegu roke
  • Shranite vse faks številke svojih ljubimcev
  • Do 500 strani spomina za vaše nage fotografije
  • Lahko jih tudi kopirate
  • 2 leti garancije Brother


Brother FAX-8360P Mono Laser Fax Machine

With a 33.6 Kbps Super G3 Fax Modem, the FAX-8360P allows quicker faxing of office documents via a reduced transmission speed, improving office efficiency and reducing transmission costs.

Faxes are transmitted in a high quality format thanks to the available 64 levels of Grey Scale, with very small print and fine line drawings presenting no problem with the innovative Super Fine function.

Fax numbers of key contacts, clients and suppliers can be programmed into the machine’s expansive memory using the available 32 One-touch Dial Keys and 200 Speed Dial Locations, enabling quick dialling of regularly used numbers.

Supplies and Accessories

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